Questions to Ask Urban Development Consultants

With the rise of business districts, urban development services are very in-demand. In order to get the best plans for your projects, you need to hire consultants that are properly equipped to address your needs. Here are questions you should ask when hiring specialists:

What is your expertise?

When interviewing prospective consultants, you should make sure that their skills and knowledge are aligned with your needs. If you are in need of rural to urban transformations, you should hire a consultant with the corresponding proficiencies. In need of experts on expansions, renovations, sustainability plans or other competencies? Make sure your potential advisor is equipped to help you.

How would you address our project?

During the interview, you need to discuss the project with your potential consultant without spilling too many details. Asking them about their strategy can give you an idea of their knowledge, priority and skills. Go for the candidate that can give you a well-thought-out plan. This means that they did research regarding your organisation. It could also show that they can extrapolate from very little information given to them.

How do you use technology in your practice?

In this technological age, your advisor should be able to utilise technology in their plans. Aside from using a software to render their plan, they should also be able to incorporate innovations in their designs. This makes for a strategic and more efficient outcome. This also leads to the optimisation of city streets and infrastructure in light of the advantages technology has to offer.

How would you tackle rural areas in light of our project?

Most people associate the development of urban areas to the degradation of rural ones and nature. In order to uphold your social responsibility, you need to make sure that your advisor will create sustainable plans to develop an urban region. This way, you are taking eco-friendly steps to achieve your goal.

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