Benefits of Obtaining a Certificate III in Aged Care

With the population of elderly Australians who require support, growing every year, getting a Certificate III in Aged Care has become one of the most common requirements for the most person-centred jobs.

Being a field officer, care assistant, in-house respite worker, a residential care worker and assistant in nursing are just some of the occupations where this certificate is required.

There are also entry requirements when applying for this type of certificate. You should be a domestic student, 18 years old and above, complete the enrolment form and take the preliminary language, literacy and numeracy tests to assess your skill level.

Here are the benefits of obtaining this certification:

Better Job Opportunities

Many companies in the Australian aged care industry require this type of certificate when considering someone for the job.

This is also a great way for students, who are about to take their internship, to see, learn and experience what their day-to-day responsibilities will be if they pursue any career in healthcare and senior care professions.

If you plan on undergoing this type of training, you will be taught how to assist elderly clients, provide them will all their personal care needs, make sure they follow through with their medical check-ups and motivate to have a happier outlook in life.

First-hand Experience

By enrolling in this type program, you will be required a specific number of hours to complete the course. As you begin training, you’ll be required to work in an actual workplace, be asked to do several administrative tasks and receive hands-on training.

Your experience will improve your communication skills, ability to practice person-centred support better and adaptability in this type of industry.

Doors to Higher Learning

Through this program, you’ll have the opportunity to enrol in other training courses that will further improve your knowledge and skills. By taking higher learning courses, you’ll gain some of the qualifications in applying for senior roles in the industry.

If you want to thrive in the person-centred support industry, you must be willing to work hard for it. Take as many opportunities as you can for personal and career growth such as taking Certificate III in Aged Care. Visit and enrol today!