Get Excellent Cover Design From Industry Experts

When it comes to books, magazines and other printed materials, cover design speaks volumes and profits. First impressions last, especially in books. No matter how promising the text of the book is, if it is covered with unattractive design, it may just turn out to be an unwanted piece in a bookshelf of best sellers.

Whilst, we often hear the saying: ‘Don’t judge a book but its cover’, the sad reality is most paperbacks and even their hardbound copies are judged by their design and appearance.

Yes, you may dismiss this fact as irrational and downright absurd. How can you say that a book is a masterpiece if you still haven’t fully read it? Why would you base your judgment on the outside looks of a thing if it must be solely evaluated by the quality of its written words inside it?

Unfortunately, we need to face the glaring truth, most people are judge books by their cover and overall design.

This is why you need us for your layout and cover design needs.

Expert Book and Print Artists

At, we make sure all aspects of book publication are meticulously covered to provide you and your reader the best value you both deserve. And that includes the design of your book cover.

We are staffed with highly experienced artists and graphic designers who are bibliophiles like you. This means they know what it feels to read a book with inappropriate covers and typography. With their long experience in the publications industry, they have learned the best practices in print design throughout the years. These include aspects such as:

Typography – We understand the importance of using the right font types and sizes to make your text readable and appropriate to your target readers. We know that fonts have their specific character too. There are types that are perfectly rendered in print materials such as books, magazines and newspapers.

Illustration – We understand how illustrations attract the eyes and prompt readers to buy your book. We are also keen on the styles that your target readers can relate to. We also work on the right colours and colour scheme that can make the greatest impact on the emotions and minds of your readers.

Photography – We see to it that we only use the right photos with the recommended image resolution, theme and composition and other aspects to express the right look and feel for your readers in relation to your text.

Printing process – In publications, you cannot come up with the intended results if all artwork and design, especially cover design, are printed using an inferior and outdated printing press. At we make sure that we only use the latest machines that can print your books exactly as what you have designed for computer monitors.

Aside from the contents of the book, its cover design is an integral part of its overall marketability. No writer would want his/her precious ideas and stories to be shelved. For sure, you want them to be read as many people as possible. By coming up with the appropriate cover design, you can also satisfy their appetite for great visuals, not just their need for great ideas and stories.