Expand Your Distribution: Let Your Books Reach the World

You’ve spent months writing, editing and designing your book. Your friends are happy with the outcome and your family can’t wait to see you become a well-known author. Then you do your distribution and put your book online and wait for the readers and cash to keep coming in.

You wait and wait but you hear nothing, just the chirping crickets.

Want to know the best platform and reach a wider audience? We’re here to help.

One of the challenges of emerging authors is to reach readers in every country and get their books widely distributed. Often, even if they have something good to offer, their works just become a waste. This is because they failed to distribute their books properly. They just use online free tools where they can’t get any guarantee.

This is where we can help. Our firm not only focuses on editing, designing but on the distribution process as well. We want to give every author chance to succeed in their own field. We can print a thousand copies of your work and sell these to Amazon, Booktopia and other different book stores around the globe. We can also talk to the big book store chains to display your titles on their shelves. This way, you can reach pools of potential readers.


A pit many writers fall is failing to reach their specific audience. When they use online tools, they just post in general websites that their readers don’t visit often. With us, you will make sure that your books will be read by your market. Our distributors will put these in a section related to your topic. This will increase the chance to be noticed and boosts your sales.

Print Book Distribution

This means that your book won’t be printed until someone orders and pays for it. This is often preferred by many writers as this can lessen the upfront cost and don’t need to spend on warehousing.

In addition, investing in book printing 1,000 copies is not a wise financial move, especially if you are just starting. Chances are, the copies will not all be sold and the copies will end up sitting on your property.

So, before you print, ask yourself first: do I have the opportunities where I can sell them? Do I have the lineup of customers waiting for my work? Yes, you need to be optimistic, but it is important that you be realistic, too.

Our distribution services include printing and orders, too. From start to finish, you can expect that we are here. Now, you don’t need to spend your time waiting for your sales to increase. You also don’t need to go to the post office to fulfil all the orders as our staff will do all the work.

Expanding your reach is a huge step. However, this doesn’t need to be hard with us. If you want to be the next famous author, visit our website.