Easy Tree Removal Steps You Can Do at Home

For houses with gardens, tree removal is necessary. Trees are important types of plants. They provide a variety of benefits, such as providing your house shade during the harsh midday sun. Apart from this, they can effectively filter the air.

But despite their numerous advantages, sometimes they are also obstructions. Tall trees can pose dangers to your neighbourhood, especially during powerful storms and other calamities. For your safety and peace of mind, you must carry out tree removal during these moments by doing the following:

Remove only midsized trees – Cutting or removing huge and tall trees poses dangers to your neighbourhood. Whilst you can do this with the help of your friends or neighbours, uprooting or lopping trees of this size should be done by professionals. They have chainsaws and other power tools that are ideal for this task.

Use the right power tools – If you think you can remove the tree in your home by yourself, make sure you use heavy-duty saw and shovels. If possible, rent chainsaws and other necessary tools. These large and heavy plants should be uprooted with caution to avoid accidents and injuries. Also, you should take them down as fast as possible.

Clear the area – Make sure the area surrounding the tree you are removing is clear of people, cars and objects. This prevents the things and people from being injured or damaged from falling branches and trunks. Other species, such as coconuts, have huge and solid fruits that can cause destruction.

Cut the trunk – Using the saw, start the tree removal process. See to it that you have plotted the place where you intend the trunk will fall. Leave a stump of about 60 cm in height. Chop the trunk into shorter pieces for easy disposal.

Dig up the roots – Remove the stump by digging a trench of about 30 cm deep around it. Trim any roots that you find along the trench. Then pry up the root ball using the stump as a fulcrum.

For best results, seek help from tree removal companies.

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