Features to Look for in a Barcode Printer

When you need to buy a barcode printer, you should be patient in finding one. There are a lot of products but not all of them would suit your requirements. Of course, they must all have the basic features and here are some of them:

Long Warranty

It would be a big advantage if the barcode printer has a long warranty. It means if the product is starting to malfunction, you can bring it to the manufacturer and they’ll fix it for free. Therefore, you must never lose your original receipt. The warranty period can last as short as three months and as long as 10 years. When a manufacturer gives a long warranty, it means they’re highly confident of the quality of the materials used.

USB Support

For an easy transfer of the documents that you want to be printed, it would be great if you can connect a flash drive or any USB-compatible device to the barcode printer. Of course, you must make sure the flash drive (or any device that you will attach to it) doesn’t have any virus or the printer will get corrupted. Therefore, it’s important to scan it before connecting it to the item.

Mono & Colour

You won’t like it when you designed your barcodes to have multiple colours only to find out the barcode printer can only print black and white. Therefore, it’s important to know whether the item can print all the colours that are on the barcodes.

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