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5 Reminders when Franchising a Mobile Coffee Van

People love coffee, and that’s why a mobile coffee van is a game changer for future franchisees. Do you know why? Find out the advantages of buying a mobile café franchise:

They can reach areas with fewer competitors

Sure, there are larger companies out there that get most of the customers. Most starters need to realise that the lack of competition gives them an edge to fill the need. For example, the coffee van networks in Newcastle are less than in Adelaide, considering that the latter is more populous city than the former. Consider the people living in business districts and the number of lovers of this beverage in the area.

Not everyone knows how to make an espresso

Surprising, isn’t it? Not everyone who owns a café knows how to make coffee. So much the more if one is a barista who holds a firsthand experience of making this beverage under her belt. This is a deal breaker for customers who have their own tastes and preferences for their everyday cup. Being a barista brings closer to customer satisfaction. One way to know and understand what customers are looking for is to ask them directly.

It’s the culture after all

Coffee has been an integral part of many cultures, from Asia to Europe and Africa. In Australia, the most preferred flavour is flat white, although some prefer cappuccinos and lattes. Since this is a relatively new trend among Australians, this is a hefty opportunity to maximise through mobile cafe systems that can answer the need for caffeine.

A booming industry by itself

With the worldwide demand for this beverage grows day by day, it is no surprise to see an Instagram post about a person’s cup of the day. Bean giants are making huge sums of bucks every day, and this should not scare any start-up investor. In fact, the biggest factor when investing is to measure the success of an industry, and the bean machine needs franchisees to fill the market.

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