Business Benefits of Having Large HVLS fans

Factories and warehouses are the common places where you’ll find huge high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans. But there’s more to these fans that just providing ventilation in a place that’s filled with heavy machinery, workers and lighting fixtures. Here are several environmental benefits of having this type of large HVLS fans.

Large HVLS Fans

Large HVLS Fans

Lower Cooling and Heating Costs

These fans help lower down electric bills by giving better air circulation. This way, your employees will work in a much comfortable environment, not because the actual air temperature is any cooler, but because it’s circulating in the entire place.

By having multiple ones installed inside the factory or warehouse, there’s no need to lower down the temperature from the cooling system. Find out more here!

Promotes Climate Control

Rather than being completely dependent on air-conditioning systems, which of course results in a high electric bill, having this kind of industrial appliance lessens your employee’s dependence on their AC and helps in climate control.

Speaking of climate control, it also helps reduce carbon footprint. Since the workplace will have a more comfortable temperature, there’s no need for you to purchase large air conditioning systems.

This move can improve the overall rating of your company and may even inspire other businesses to turn to this energy-saving alternative as well.

Reduces HVAC Ducting

Another perk of having huge ceiling fans is the fact that it reduces labour, space and resources that are needed when performing ductwork.

Protects Inventory

Uneven distribution of heat in an area can lead to the presence of water pools caused by trapped water vapour in some areas whilst overheating in others. Both conditions can lead to a decrease in quality of major damages in the materials or products. That is why having a balanced temperature in an enclosed environment must be prioritised.

As a business owner, you want to avoid damages as much as possible, especially when it comes to the protection of your products and the safety of your employees. Installing large HVLS fans by companies such as 5th Star Services can solve the issue. Visit their website and have these cooling appliances installed in no time!