How Can You Perform Top-Down Building Maintenance?

When you are ready to start a massive clean-up of your property, there are a few areas you may want to work on. As building maintenance allows you to improve the overall safety and extend the longevity of your structure, knowing what to do will make your job much easier.

Taking care of a building does not mean you will wait for things to stop working; rather, make sure everything’s in working order so you can prevent them from breaking down. The best place to start is from your roofing. Your roofing area protects you from the elements, so check for any issues that might be coming from the top.

  • Roofing

Examine the topside for any problems like debris, damaged shingles, stagnant water, debris or extensive rusting. Sweep away the debris and have the water drained. Stagnant water can be the source of mosquitoes and other insect infestations, whilst rusting can damage the ventilation, making your building maintenance longer with more work.

  • Lighting

Move down and check all the lights to make sure everything’s working. If you haven’t already, replace your lights with energy-efficient CFL or LED lights so you can reduce lighting expenses, which can run up to 26% of your entire energy cost. If you can do so, install an automatic system that detects if people are around the area where the lights are operating.

  • Doors and Windows

Take a look at all your doors and windows and replace any that are broken. If squeaking, a bit of WD-40 can help remove this annoying sound. Check the escape doors, emergency exits and other windows that can be either useful or dangerous in emergency situations.

  • Emergency Equipment

Give your emergency fire equipment a good look. Change expired fire extinguishers and make sure that sprinklers detect the presence of fire. Test fire alarms and confirm that CCTV cameras are working fine.

  • Plumbing System

Finally, a building maintenance is incomplete if you do not take a look at your pipes, water network and sewage network. Confirm that there are no leaks, zero blockages and water pressure is correct.

One of the most often complained areas of a property are toilets and bathrooms, so making sure they’re in optimum working condition is an important aspect of your preventive maintenance. Once you’ve dealt with this, everything should be properly accounted for in the maintenance check that you are pushing for. Just make sure you contact Gold Coast Maintenance Solutions so you’ll know you get optimum service. They will perform a reliable home repair and maintenance check.

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