Construction & Renovation

Questions to Ask Demolition Companies

Whether you need the work of demolition companies for your home’s renovation or to pave way for a new home, you’ll need to find one that has the team, equipment and experience for the job.

And to help you find the right one, best to have a set questions to ask them during the initial interview stage.

Here are questions to ask these companies:

Do you charge your estimate?

A quotation or an estimate should be provided by business like this. It lets you see what work needs to be done to property and how much the entire project will cost.

And if they do provide one, make sure to ask if they do it for free or with charge. Remember, you want to avoid getting surprised by the final bill.

Where do you dispose of the construction clutter?

Any construction project is a messy one. That’s why several demolition companies also offer an additional service such as removal of construction clutter such as crushed foundations and debris.

It pays to invest in this additional service rather than hire a different company for the job. It simply saves you so much time and hassle.

Do you provide a working timeline?

Experienced demolition companies such as ANA Demolitions know that a working timeline is crucial to their work. Which is why they provide allowances for the dates they mark, in case of a delay in delivery or an upcoming storm. And as a client, you’d also want one to help you adjust before, during and after the construction project.

How long have you been in business?

Having years of experience is always an edge to any business. They’ve most likely dealt with various, maybe even more complex, situations. It also means that they know the best and most efficient way to prevent accidents and other unlikely situations.

With the equipment and manpower offered by these companies, it’s your job to make sure that you hire a trusted and suitable one for the job. And the way to do that is by asking the right questions.