5 Reasons to Use Corflute Frame Signs

Weather-proof corflute frame signs are signage materials made of plastic. Since it’s plastic, it doesn’t get damaged that easily when placed outside. It’s waterproof as well.

Frame Signs

Here’s why you should try it for your business:

First, it is a cheaper and smaller version of billboard advertising.

Signboard advertisements are most suited for small business due to its low cost. Whilst it looks basic and unassuming, these boards are thick and sturdy enough to be printed on. It’s simple, cheap, and effective.

One example is a car washing business that you might have. Instead of hiring someone to stand by the highway and hold the signage for you like they do in the movies, look for a service where a ground and floor spike is provided along with the frame, like the one offered by Real Estate Flags and Banners.

Second, it stays in place.

As mentioned, these signboards are attached to a spike that is put into the ground. Therefore, they’re secured from falling over because of the strong wind.

Placing them in a spike makes them portable and easily movable from one spot to another.

Third, it has varied sizes.

There’s no one size fits all. There are sign sizes for basic service use, real estate use, small events, bake sales, garage sales, school fairs, restaurant menus, club openings, and much more. It all depends on the client.

Another plus is the design print has enough room and won’t be compromised.

Fourth, it’s recyclable.

Plastic is non-biodegradable but versatile. Therefore, there’s a need for recycling it instead of taking the time to produce another piece – unless it’s strongly needed.

If the time comes when you won’t necessarily need the signage anymore, it can still be used at another time. If you’re creative, you can use a signboard in many ways.

Fifth, it doesn’t take long to be delivered.

One disadvantage when it comes to advertising is the delivery of orders, like flyers, posters, brochures, boxes, and magazines. At times, faulty works are unavoidable. But this doesn’t happen with frame signs. Once your order has been processed, it goes under a flatbed ink printer and gets done. But keep in mind that a final design must have been decided on to avoid spending more.