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Scuba Resorts in Palawan: Best Spots to Take a Plunge

Scuba Resorts in Palawan are among the most captivating tourist spots that the Philippines has to offer. With its infinitely white sands and crystal green waters, it’s no doubt that it’s one of the best adventure destinations open for any individual to explore.

Sangat Island in Coron has one of the most beautiful coral reefs. It’s an unforgettable spot for scuba diving because of its one main feature: there are more than ten shipwrecks to explore underwater.

Whilst it can be difficult to look for an accommodation on an island that’s miles away from the city there’s one resort that’s complete with accommodations. Sangat Island Dive Resorts offers a diverse list of accommodations – such as suites, villas and chalets – that’s perfect for beach lovers.


The resort is situated on white sands close to blue-grey mountains that are home to thousands of pine green trees. Colourful coral reels can be viewed under crystal waters, making it the easily most-viewed scuba site in all of Coron. Sumptuous buffet meals are offered in their beachside restaurant, whilst liquor and beer can be accessed in The Rock, an over-the-water-bar.


Both divers and non-divers have a chance to explore the beautiful, emerald green island through watersports, nature trekking, mountain biking, bird watching, jet skiing and rock climbing. After all the tiring activities, one may visit the hot springs that are accessible by kayaking or speedboat. To soothe aching muscles, they’re offering affordable massage sessions right inside the room or beachfront.

Diving Center

Seeing underwater flora and fauna will be hard without the right equipment. Luckily, the dive resort has a diving facility complete with equipment from tanks, fins and suits in varied sizes that fit both adults and kids. For first-time divers, their professional diving instructors offer their expertise in teaching and will safely guide anyone into the water. The site is easily accessible for on-site diving and is built near the waters, which make it easy to go back to.

For bookings and reservations in scuba resorts in Palawan, head to Sangat Island Dive Resorts website. A list of accommodation and scuba diving rates are listed there. You may also view exclusive photos of Sangat on their social media pages.