Top 3 Tips When Buying Vape Mods

Technically known as mechanical electronic cigarettes, vape mods are now becoming a common alternative for former tobacco smokers. Not only is it considered an alternative to cigarette smoking, but it also provides a solution to the dangerous effects of tobacco smoking. The device works by dropping a liquid (also known as e-liquid) to allow the device to generate an aerosol, commonly called a ‘vapour’ that is inhaled by mouth. The popular name for this activity is called ‘vaping’. Whilst some e-liquid variants contain nicotine, most are just made up of safer chemicals and artificial flavours.

Aside from quitting smoking tobacco, common reasons why most people vape include spending time for recreation and saving money (cigarettes are relatively expensive).

If you want to buy a new mod now, here are some tips to consider:

  • Know the parts

The tank or atomiser heats the e-liquid you’re pouring in through the wick. The coils are spring wires that attach the wicks which absorb the liquid for the coil to heat up. Batteries power up the device and controls how much e-liquid will be consumed. And the body houses the entire parts together.

  • Choose the wattage

If you know how much wattage you want, might as well choose the one that can last longer. The usual battery size would be around 2000 MAH. It will be enough for a day of vaping. You might not enjoy a battery that can last too short, so pick a balance that suits your vaping habits.

  • Pick your style

There are various styles, models and designs that you can choose from. You will not regret choosing one from another. Just make sure you first make up your mind. Every single design has a variable style of handling it comfortably.

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