What do Electrical Contractors Do?

Have you ever wondered about the responsibilities of electrical contractors? This article reveals what they do on the job.

Those who specialise in electrotechnology have a lot on their plate. In Australia, these specialists are required to have a licence in the specific field they want to work on. They are also required to have special, best practices training to practice.

Commercial Settings

An electrotechnology contractor who specialises in commercial work needs to be adept at working with large-scale machinery. Common applications include:

  • Air-Conditioning – Every workplace needs a functioning air conditioning unit. This requires regular repair and maintenance.
  • Power Monitoring – This service is done for businesses who want to learn about their power consumption. Professionals will monitor their usage and report any inconsistencies. This helps the business to figure out how to conserve energy.
  • Inspections – Electric wirings need constant work. They need to be checked regularly in order to prevent fire hazards. Professionals inspect wirings in businesses to ensure that everything is in proper order.

Industrial Settings

Industrial facilities like factories need a specialised electrotechnology expert. There are a lot of equipment in these settings that may not be common in both commercial and residential spaces. Jobs in industrial places include:

  • Hazardous Areas Services – Some industries will store certain materials that aren’t safe to handle on a regular basis. They are kept in special containers, which must be maintained and repaired regularly.
  • Test and Tag – Test and Tag is a basic service done on all factories. All machinery is tested to see if they’re in working condition and if they’re safe to use. This method ensures that production is at optimum levels. It also keeps the workers safe from injuries.

Residential Settings

Technicians who offer services in residential settings specialise in basic appliance repairs. Other services include:

  • Home Automation – This service is done to make houses ‘smarter’. Technicians install home automation systems, making it possible to control appliances remotely.
  • Renovations – In any home renovation, work on the wirings need to be done.
  • Inspections – Similar to inspections in a commercial setting, this service ensures that the household is using power efficiently.

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